Personal information and program details

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
If you are studying online, where are you currently located?
Do you intend to undertake Honours?
Have you confirmed with your Program Director that you are eligible to receive credit for overseas study back into your UniSA degree?

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Proposed NCP program

Which semester in 2025 do you intend to begin your studies at your host university?
Would you undertake language training?

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Selection criteria

For each of the following, write a response of around 150-200 words.

The responses you provide will be used to shortlist students for interviews and contribute to selection for nomination.

Academic excellence at the tertiary level

Other than your GPA, how do you demonstrate academic excellence, including excellent communication skills and higher-order cognitive and critical thinking skills? Do not include examples from high school.

Adaptability and resilience

Give an example of a time you have adapted to change, thrived in a new environment, and/or shown resilience in the face of challenges.

Leadership and engagement in the community

Outline your community involvement and give an example of how you have demonstrated leadership in the community.

Ability to contribute to NCP Strategic Objective and outcomes

The strategic objective of the NCP is to strengthen Australia’s regional standing by building a diverse cohort of Australian alumni with deeper Indo-Pacific knowledge, capability and connections.

In your own words, outline how your program will contribute to the NCP Strategic Objective.

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