Prior to your move, you may want to consider your housing options. Whether you decide to purchase, rent or even settle in temporary accommodation, here are some helpful tips to assist in your relocation. If you require any assistance regarding your relocation to Adelaide, Lucy King will be happy to help with any queries.

Temporary housing

During your first month in Adelaide, you may require temporary accommodation before you settle in something more permanent.

There are a number of temporary accommodation options available, ranging from hotels, hostels and serviced apartments.

Renting a property

Once you're all settled, you may first choose to rent a property prior to buying. Renting allows you to be flexible with your living situation, regarding property size and location, and it also gives you the freedom to find the suburb that suits your needs.

Generally, the closer you are to the CBD, the more expensive the rent will be. However, it is always best to check as rent prices also depend on the surrounding area.

Purchasing your home

With fast rising property values in Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide has become almost irresistible due to its lower house prices and better quality of life.

Before you decide to buy, it's worth looking at other properties that are up for sale and comparing neighbouring suburbs to find the best deal for you.

Ensure you familiarise yourself with the process of purchasing, applying for a home loan and other relevant information.

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