Our principles

These principles are the foundation of our professional conduct and inform our individual and collective practice at the University:

  • Value Aboriginal Peoples and their knowledges for their positive impact and collective societal enrichment.
  • Inclusion of Aboriginal knowledges and perspectives within the University.
  • Engagement with Aboriginal knowledges at the source and with Aboriginal Peoples’ free, prior and informed consent.
  • Respectful enactment of Aboriginal protocols of engagement.
  • Reciprocity that ensures an Aboriginal knowledges framework is part of a balanced exchange.
  • Relationships that draw on Aboriginal knowledges of connectivity to Country and Peoples.
  • Education to teach staff, students and the wider community about the complexity of Aboriginal knowledges, societies, languages, and cultures.
  • Research that is ethical, culturally safe, and benefits and enhances the lives of Aboriginal Peoples.
  • Shared responsibility within the University to support positive outcomes for Aboriginal Peoples.