Enterprise’s Double


Activity, or organisation? This is the most common thing people say when they learn that I have enterprise in my job title. The simple answer is both, but there is more to it than that. And that more turns out to be the transformational play of universities if we only recognise it as such. Enterprise is an undertaking, and an organisation engaged in an undertaking. It is easy to think of bold,...



Posted 14/04/2021 by: Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington and Andrew Klenke The daily chorus of upgrades and patches starts from the devices on and all round me, rippling like the waves of a social spider web. Continuous releases are celebrated as a feature of our digital age, but we have a deep history of tinkering that bursts the bounds of the linear diagrams and numbering systems for...


The 100-Year Start Up


Co-authored by Pat Buckley and Inger Mewburn and the PostAc team at ANU It wasn't a strong beginning. As startups go, you probably wouldn't have rated it a chance. Just over 100 years ago, the modern doctorate was created as a destination degree for the worthy and the solid. Since then, it has remained the edgy member of the global degree suite, with some folks swearing by its intoxicating...

Accelerating the Future of Enterprise


The floor is uneven, and it is hard not to slip and disturb the quietude of so many tiny layers of dust. Specks float upwards, dancing in the light in front of a forlorn stage. Themed restaurant. Nightclub. Dutch club. Warehouse. Busted-up little palace of dreams. Welcome to the Night Train building, the future home for enterprise at the university at which I work. It's a faded little hand me...

Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington AO

Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington AO is the strategic and operational leader across research activities at the University of South Australia. Her role is to design and deliver approaches that help staff and research students alike to engage with industry, government and community to deliver novel and transformational solutions to problems, and to change the ways that we think about the world.


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