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Healthy functioning is depicted, along with preventive measures to help avoid common diseases.  With an emphasis on healthy living, students will learn that the choices they make at an early age can have a huge effect on their well-being, today and in the future.

The new Mega Body contains educational information displayed right at the site of each main organ.

Depending on the age of the children involved and the purpose of the Mega Body visit, there are a variety of activities that can be undertaken with children such as Body Bingo, Body Scavenger Hunt, Who Has game, worksheets, creative activities, basic first aid, what to do in different scenarios, oral health information and health careers information. 


The Mega Body is approximately 3.66m high x 4.56m wide x 15.24m long

Important details 

  • The Mega Body is an educational tool and will be accompanied by 3-5 UniSA DRH staff members who set-up, pack down, and guide students through the Mega Body and its resources.  Students will be provided with instructions on how to treat the Mega Body when accessing it.
  • Whilst we provide the service of the Mega Body and associated activities, we do not assume supervision responsibility of children, and expect that they will continue to have the support, guidance and supervision of school staff during the event.
  • As we have blowers to keep the body inflated, it would be preferable to have a power outlet nearby.
  • Please note that weather conditions will be assessed prior to setting up the Mega Body.  Booking cancellations will occur in the event of rain, high winds, extreme heat and other weather activities that may pose a concern to the safety and well-being of those accessing it. 

The Department of Rural Health also has medical dummies that children can interact with to see where organs, muscles and various things that make up the body are located inside the body.

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