Our academic programs are the passage we offer our students to their professional careers. Our programs will be the core of what we do, how we organise ourselves, and judge our performance. Our challenge is to remain a leading educator for the new professions and to prepare our students for their careers as the future leaders, citizens, innovators and adventurers of tomorrow.

Through our curriculum innovation process, we will reshape and review our programs to ensure they are leading-edge, end user endorsed programs that are all ranked among the best in the world. We will draw on the best academic and curriculum expertise, and the best new knowledge from our research, from across the University to ensure high quality education. Building on the core capabilities, all undergraduate programs will integrate interdisciplinary opportunities, delivering skilled and flexible graduates to an ever-changing workforce.

Our professional and industry partners will collaborate with us to develop the highest quality and most relevant curriculum, and with the provision of internships and work integrated learning, so that our students continue to graduate with above average career outcomes.

Central to the delivery of life-long education, our postgraduate coursework and executive
education will be designed around micro-credentialing, flexible and sustained credit accrual, certification of attainment and systematic recognition of prior learning and experience. UniSA College will excel in delivering enabling foundation studies, supporting pathways to university
for students from any walk of life.

With an increased emphasis on student retention and success, we will establish a new transition-to-university team, focused on first year success and retention. This group will deploy learning analytics to monitor student progression and utilise proven mentoring and intervention strategies to enable student progression in the critical first year of independent learning in a higher education setting.

The UniSA Foundation will provide scholarship opportunities and financial assistance for at least 1 in 5 of our student body and will successfully raise general scholarship support on an ongoing basis. To round out their connection to society and end users, all of our students will be afforded the opportunity to engage with an expanded UniSA+.

We will review and refine our interdisciplinary mix and the academic structures and support processes that contribute to outstanding program development.

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