Current Research Projects

Research wheel

The list of research projects currently in progress, and recently completed, are outlined below. Please click on the panels to view the current and past projects under each of the core themes.

Health Care in Regional South Australia - Preliminary Survey Findings
Please note: the findings reported in the slides are preliminary findings only.

Theme Area 1: Rural health workforce development (including recruitment and retention strategies)

Current research projects/activities

  • Examining the attitudes of rural mental health practitioners towards mental health nurse prescribing
  • Developing a scale to understand rural health practitioners attitudes toward recovery from cardio-vascular disease (CVD)
  • Understanding the psychosocial care needs of patients and carers living with cardiovascular disease
  • Mapping the health workforce in rural and remote South Australia

Theme Area 2: Rural training strategies

Current research projects/activities

  • Increasing adherence with medicine in rural and remote communities
  • Building the confidence of rural communities to manage suicide risk

Theme area 3: Innovative rural service delivery models to enable the provision of health services to meet community needs

Current research projects/activities

  • Increasing understanding of the barriers rural communities experience in accessing health services
  • Understanding the barriers to accessing mental health services in rural communities
  • Assessing the effectiveness of public health programs in a rural mining community in South Australia
  • Determining the health care needs of persons living in rural and remote South Australia

Theme area 4: Improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people

Current research projects/activities

  • Increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduation through tertiary degree programs
  • Growing learning experiences for nursing and allied health students in partnership with Aboriginal communities
  • Evaluation of the Deadly Thinking program undertaken in regional South Australia

Theme area 5: Supporting rural research opportunities in accordance with Curriculum requirements

Current research projects/activities

  • Developing local capacity in the DRH footprint to supervise and support Honours and Masters students

Thematic area 6: Collecting and maintaining data on workforce outcomes resulting from activity through the RHMT Program

Current research projects/activities

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Rural Interprofessional Learning (RIPL) Program
  • Investigating the role of multi-disciplinary team (MDT) training hubs in promoting health and wellbeing while providing quality learning experiences to enhance the experiential learning  of students
  • Examining the role of students in promoting health and wellbeing during regional placements – a systematic review
  • Developing a programme of education to prepare Practice Nurses to recognise and support people living with depression
  • Understanding the impact of international students undertaking a regional placement
  • Understanding the effectiveness of the cultural awareness training program to support students to undertake clinical placements with Aboriginal communities
  • Understanding the impact of the “hearing voices” training program upon student experience
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the DRH rural placement program (for the period July 2014 to June 2017)