What is a virtual international experience?

Virtual international experiences are modelled off traditional Study Overseas program types, with the difference being that they are delivered virtually, and you take part in your own home, rather than overseas.

Virtual International Experiences include:

  • Virtual International Internships - delivered through Mobility Experience Providers, who place students with suitable international host organisations in the students relevant field.
  • Virtual Short Term Study - programs that are either delivered through Mobility Experience Providers or with overseas universities where students pay tuition fees to these institutions.
  • Virtual Short-Term Exchange - with partner universities, where students stay enrolled and pay regular tuition fees to UniSA.
  • Virtual Semester Exchange - with partner universities, where students stay enrolled and pay regular tuition fees UniSA.


Why choose a virtual international experience?

  • The current travel ban: With the effects of COVID-19 still being felt across the globe - a virtual Internship is a good option to enhance your resume whist the travel ban is still in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Global connections: The importance of networking and building global connections is stressed in nearly every field. Virtual Internships are an excellent platform to expand your network globally without leaving your home.
  • Time management and self-discipline: Remote working requires high levels of time management and self-discipline. Completing a virtual internship will allow you to hone these skills for future employment, apply the experience to your resume, as well as discuss your insights at your next interview.
  • Remote work skills: The coronavirus pandemic has proved that working from home is possible for many jobs. It’s understandable that the recent move to remote working will continue in many workplaces for the foreseeable future, so opting for a virtual internship might actually be preferable for some companies moving forward.
  • Accessibility: Travelling for work or study (especially long term) can present a huge financial barrier for many students. It is also a major hurdle for students with physical or mental impairments. A virtual international internship allows you to still gain the skills from an international work environment, without the need for travel.

Virtual international experiences still expose students to international learning with overseas universities/employers. It looks great on your resume and provides valuable work experience which you can draw from when applying and interviewing for graduate roles.


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