Important notice

In light of the continued risk and uncertainty around travel, all international travel on university business is suspended until further notice, unless otherwise specified. Please see the University’s COVID-19 updates page for full details.

Additionally, UniSA International Travel Grants are also unavailable and may not be reinstated by the time international travel is available again. When planning your future study overseas experience, please budget accordingly. OS-HELP and other Government grants and scholarships may still apply.

Please don’t let COVID-19 put your plans on hold. Use this time to plan for your future. The Study Overseas team remain as passionate as ever about the benefits of studying overseas and are here to assist if you have any questions. Consider applying for a virtual mobility program, and register your interest for future travel opportunities so we can keep you updated with any developments.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your future plans.

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Application process

  1. Consider your destination and type of activity. You can select from opportunities we've listed or source your own opportunity (e.g. other universities or with one of our approved third party providers).
  2. Once you’ve worked out where and when you’d like to go, consider the following:
    • Availability of suitable courses (if receiving credit)
    • The language of instruction
    • Program and tuition costs, available scholarships, and grant eligibility
    • The availability of student support services e.g. disability services
    • The culture of the country and host institution
    • Program dates
  3. Contact your Program Director or relevant staff in your Academic Unit to discuss your options and ensure you can get 4.5 units minimum credit toward your current program. You should show them your planned short term program, and make sure they're aware of how you plan to get credit. Receiving credit is compulsory for short term exchange programs, but may not be relevant for other short term programs e.g. a conference.
  4. Apply for your short term program via our Study Overseas application page.

    Important: If you are applying for short term exchange please do not apply to the host university directly until we tell you to do so. If you are applying for another type of program you will need to apply directly to your chosen provider in addition to submitting your UniSA application.
  5. After your UniSA application is submitted, you will be assessed by the Study Overseas team. Post assessment, you will receive an email with the outcome of your application and travel grant funding. You will also receive an email with instructions on how to get official approval for credit. Once you have both UniSA acceptance and credit approval (if relevant), you’ll move on to the next step.
  6. At this stage, you’ll have some pre-departure tasks to complete. If you are applying for short term exchange, we will nominate you to the host university. If you are applying for a different type of short term program, you need to make sure you’ve lodged an application to the provider as well as to UniSA. We will communicate with you through the application process to help you with any questions you might have. Once all tasks are completed, you will be offered the travel grant, assuming you are eligible, and be ready to go on your short term program!
  7. Upon your return to UniSA following the successful completion of your overseas experience you will need to complete a Returned Student Report about your experience. If you went on a short term exchange program, you’ll also need to send us a copy of your transcript from the host university.
  8. If you went on another type of short term program and are receiving credit via credit transfer, you will need to send evidence of your program completion to Campus Central for your credit to be processed. Alternatively, if you are enrolled in a UniSA course you will need to follow the course processes.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the application process, while you’re overseas, and once you return.

Depending upon what exactly you’re applying for, some steps may not be as relevant to you. If you are doing research overseas for example, you likely won’t need to apply to a provider or apply for credit. Even if you're not getting credit or travel grants, you should still register your University related travel with us as you may still be able to access UniSA support services and insurance through this application process.