In this category you will find the most variation in opportunities. So, if you’re unable to find an exchange partner that works for you, want to try doing something completely different to normal courses, or do practical placements or internships, this is the category for you!

Short term programs include things such as summer/winter schools at a non-partner overseas universities, programs from our approved Mobility Experience Providers, internships or work placements at an external organisation overseas, research related work, volunteering programs, and conferences or international competitions.

Programs might be facilitated through an approved Mobility Experience Provider or be something you’ve found independently. Some of our full semester exchange partners offer short term study programs that are separate to short term exchange.

You will need to pay any necessary fees to the host institution or provider and do not need to be enrolled into corresponding UniSA exchange course.

The Mobility Experience Providers (MEPs) listed below have been vetted and approved by the UniSA Study Overseas team. If you choose to take part in a program that is not offered by a UniSA approved MEP, then you will need to provide additional supporting documentation, including a Risk Assessment pertaining to the experience. Your application will then need special approval before it can progress.

Upcoming Opportinities

Institution/ Provider Country Experience Type Dates/ Duration UniSA Deadline
Think Pacific
> Youth Empowerment Project
> Community Build Project
> Mental Health Project
> Public Health project
> Sport Development Project
> 2-Month Project
Fiji Short-Term Study Various 4 weeks before MEP deadline
Nanyang Technological University
GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme 2023
Singapore Short-Term Study 28th June to 29th July 2023 *Extended* 17th March 2023
International Internships
> Team Internship
> Individual Internship
Indonesia Short-Term Study Various 4 weeks before MEP deadline
CIS Australia
> July in Barcelona, Spain
> July in Florence, Italy
> July in London, England
> July in Los Angeles, USA at UCLA
> July in Maastricht, the Netherlands
> July in Noumea, New Caledonia
> July in Paris, France
> July in Stirling, Scotland
> July in Tokyo, Japan
> July on Vancouver Island, Canada
Various Short-Term Study Various 4 weeks before MEP deadline
Hanyang University
International Summer School
South Korea Short-Term Study 3rd July 2023 – 28th July 2023 *Extended* 17th March 2023
University of Vechta
Oranges and lemons: comparing policies, projects and practice
Germany Short-Term Study 11th – 16th June 2023 3rd March 2023
Projects Abroad
> Community Health in Cambodia
> Allied Health in Nepal
> Journalism Internship in Mongolia
> Law Internship in Ghana
> Human Rights Internship in Tanzania
> Conservation Projects in Fiji
> Teaching in Sri Lanka
Various Short-Term Study Various 4 weeks before MEP deadline
Pagoda Projects
> Internships in China or Vietnam
Various Internships Various 4 weeks before MEP deadline

Further Considerations

Students should familiarise themselves with and fully understand the terms and conditions of the programs and support services offered by hosts and/or providers. Students should feel confident that they understand such as:

  • how their personal information will be collected, used and stored;
  • payment terms;
  • cancellation fees; and
  • insurance.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page about other higher education providers, ("Information”) is provided by the University of South Australia (“UniSA”) to you for information purposes only and UniSA does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for or in respect of any use or reliance upon the Information by you or any other party for any purpose.

UniSA makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, currency, or suitability of the Information. Any party that uses or relies on the Information does so entirely at its own risk. In accepting this Information from UniSA, you accept the terms of this disclaimer and agree to release and indemnify the UniSA accordingly in respect of your or any other third party's use thereof.