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In this category you will find the most variation in opportunities. So, if you’re unable to find an exchange partner that works for you, want to try doing something completely different to normal courses, or do practical placements or internships, this is the category for you!

Short term programs include things such as summer/winter schools at a non-partner overseas universities, programs from our approved Mobility Experience Providers, internships or work placements at an external organisation overseas, research related work, volunteering programs, and conferences or international competitions.

Programs might be facilitated through an approved Mobility Experience Provider or be something you’ve found independently. Some of our full semester exchange partners offer short term study programs that are separate to short term exchange.

You can apply to receive academic credit towards your UniSA degree, but it's not compulsory. If you’re not receiving credit, you may be able to count the experience towards UniSA Plus. You will pay any necessary fees to the host institution or provider and do not need to be enrolled into corresponding UniSA exchange course.

Short Term Study

These programs are not managed by UniSA and to be considered for a place you must apply directly to the institution. Tuition fees apply (see relevant institution's website for details). Some of these universities may be full semester exchange partners, their short term programs listed here charge tuition fees to UniSA students.

Please note these are not the only options, just a few of the potential programs with overseas universities that UniSA students can/have attended.