External Third Party Provider Opportunities

UniSA has a relationship with a number of organisations that offer overseas study programs (Third Party Providers or TPPs).  The programs include opportunities to participate in internships and placements at host organisations.  TPPs may, in some cases, provide a range of support services associated with the programs that they offer. 

UniSA does not manage the programs that are offered by TPPs.  Students must apply directly to TPPs.  Students may be asked to sign contracts with TPPs and/or host organisations and fees may apply (see relevant providers website for details).

Students pursuing opportunities through providers with which UniSA has a relationship can apply for a UniSA International Travel Grant. As well as applying directly to the provider, you will also need to apply to UniSA, for the travel grant and follow the instructions to obtain your Program Directors approval (which is a requirement for the grant).


UniSA Associated Providers
These providers offer opportunities to undertake study tours and internships internationally and are organisations with which UniSA has a relationship.


ACICISACICIS runs the 'Study Indonesia Program' (SIP) which consists of a variety of study options in Indonesia. Some of their study options cover courses ranging from Islamic History, Journalism, Media and Communications, International Development, International Relations and many more. Read more at http://www.acicis.edu.au.


AIM Overseas Logo AIM Overseas specialises in offering intensive academic courses taught at universities overseas. They offer high quality programs taught at some of the world's best universities. Programs offered at AIM Overseas give students an experience that simply could not be replicated in a classroom in Australia. To find out more, go to http://aimoverseas.net.au/ 


Academic Internship CouncilAcademic Internship Council provides academic institutions with internship programs that helps their students achieve personal and professional growth in the global workforce. Opportunities include places like Singapore, India, San Francisco, etc. For more information, visit http://www.academicinternshipcouncil.org/.


CIS AustraliaCIS Australia offers short term summer and winter programs, internship opportunities, semester abroad options and volunteer work in various countries. You can choose a range of places like Costa Rica, Italy, Spain, Nepal, China and many more. Visit http://www.cisaustralia.com.au/ for more information.

Projects abroad Projects Abroad provides a range of service placements and internships across 30 developing and emerging countries for individuals and groups of students. Students can work alongside local professionals on ongoing programmes in education, human rights, disability care, conservation, micro-finance and healthcare with internships available in law, social work, journalism and business also available.

The placements are run all year round and so are flexible in start dates and last between two weeks and six months. The focus of the placements is to be educational and worthwhile, with students able to make a contribution to the programmes as well as gaining new skills, insight and cultural perspective. For more information visit the Projects Abroad website for more information


Unbound logo

Unbound (formerly Laika Academy) is an Australian social enterprise reshaping way we do education. The organisation offers innovative study tours and practice-based learning programs focused on sustainability, social entrepreneurship and social impact design across the Asia Pacific region. These immersive trips are run in collaboration with Australian universities and Unbound’s in-country partners— taking a hands-on, multidisciplinary and holistic approach to learning.

Ultimately, Unbound aims to educate and connect students to important global issues; to increase the number of students undertaking international education and mobility programs; and to provide tangible connections between technical knowledge and their application to create positive social change. Above all, Unbound is also committed to the delivery of safe, inclusive, high quality and engaging educational programs for Australian university students and the partner communities in which they work.


Pagoda Projects Logo

Pagoda Projects (formerly Intern China) offers internships in China, Vietnam, and Mexico. Further details forthcoming. For more information, visit www.pagodaprojects.com
If you are a business student, see their UniSA Business page here, and if you are an engineering student please see their UniSA engineering page here. Other students do have internship opportunities with this provider, and you can view the full list of internships available here.


The Intern Group provides international internship programs in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America. They offer programs that are highly focused on both professional development and cultural immersion for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks. In addition to a leading internship, the program includes your housing, provides visa assistance, and organises cultural & social activities. The Intern Group places students in internships across all career fields, spanning everything from Business to Engineering and Psychology to Design. For more information, visit www.theinterngroup.com



Other Opportunities

REACh Asia is an established Real Estate Academy in China. Students are able to undertake a 2 or 4 week case study experience in either Real Estate or Construction Project Management. Opportunities exist in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo. The programs are custom designed and made relevant to region and city industry environment. Click here for further information


Further Considerations
Students should familiarise themselves with and fully understand the terms and conditions of the programs and support services offered by TPPs.  Students should feel confident that they understand matter such as:

  • how their personal information will be collected, used and stored;
  • payment terms;
  • cancellation fees; and
  • insurance.

Students are automatically eligible for UniSA’s travel insurance (subject to certain criteria).  UniSA’s travel insurance covers reasonable expenses incurred as a result of travel delays and cancellations, medical expenses, theft/loss/damage to electronic equipment and loss of luggage (subject to the policy terms and conditions).  UniSA Insurance cover is also provided to students for General (Public) Liability; Personal Accident; Professional Indemnity; and Medical Malpractice (excluding for those placements in the USA & Canada) if appropriate.  Students are responsible for arranging any additional insurance.

Refer to the following linkwhich provides further detail regarding student insurances; the criteria to meet for arranging a placement; and details the circumstances when a request for travel insurance is required to be discussed with the Insurance Office:


Students are encouraged to seek legal advice.  Students may wish to engage their own lawyer or access the services of the UniSA Legal Clinic.  Information about the UniSA Legal Clinic can be found at the following site:



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