Hear from our returned students

A requirement of students that go out on exchange from the University of South Australia is that they must submit a Returned Student Report upon their arrival back in Australia. The reports detail the students' experiences whilst they were away including information about adjusting to cultural differences, meeting new people and making friends, differences in teaching and learning and other useful information that could help you decide on your future overseas study plans.

Browse through our collection of Returned Student Reports below. If you would like a report for a specific country or partner university that is not listed or if you would like to find out more about our global opportunities including the application process go here.

Reports from Asia    

Exchange countryPartner universityStudent Name
China Chinese University of Hong Kong Oriane Lefort
China Tianjin University Luke Cousins
China Tianjin University Matthew Carcuro
India Madras Christian College Kiana Wilson
Japan Okayama University Nadiah Abdul Nasir
Japan Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Josephine Wigan
Japan Kwansei Gakuin University Amelia Dixon
Japan Nagoya University Jessica Harper
Japan Rikkyo University Tam Tran
Japan Rikkyo University Nguyen Mai Tran
Japan Kwansei Gakuin University Cheuk Him Jonathan Wong
Singapore Nanyang Technological University Alison Khuu
South Korea Sogang University Michelle Vo
South Korea Sogang University David Charles Sidwell
Thailand Thammasat University Scott Wotton
Thailand Thammasat University Sonia MacDonald

Reports from Europe    

Exchange countryPartner universityStudent Name
Austria Vienna University of Business and Economics Zac-Vin Chow
Austria Vienna University of Economics and Business Ashleigh McManus
Austria Vienna University of Economics and Business Jackson Horrocks
Austria Vienna University of Economics and Business Genevieve Pearce
Belgium KU Leuven Jesse Fyfe
Belgium KU Leuven Maria Pappas
Denmark Roskilde University Bridget Kerry
Denmark Aarhus University Callum Davies
Denmark Aarhus University Nguyen Hoang Anh Tran
Denmark Roskilde University Benjamin Tuckwell
Denmark Roskilde University Tom Whitney
Denmark Aarhus University Hannah Stephens
Germany EBS Universitat Anna Sivkova
Germany EBS Universitat Harry Latimer
Germany European Business School Ned Sadler
France KEDGE Business School Beth Shimmin
France Toulouse Business School Celia Hardy
France KEDGE Bordeaux Ryan Whitaker
Italy University of Milan Annabel Bowles
Italy University of Bergamo Kiah Jenkin
Liechtenstein University of Liechtenstein Conor Mannering
Liechtenstein Universität Liechtenstein Bryce Donato-Edwards
Liechtenstein Universität Liechtenstein Alexander Kindlen
Norway University of Adger Austin Tredrea
Scotland University of Strathclyde Tiffany Fowler
Scotland Strathclyde University Catherine Hughes
Scotland Strathclyde University  Tamika Binnie
Slovenia University of Ljubljana Tess Bennett
Spain Polytechnic University of Valencia Dexter Wallace
Sweden KTH Jessika Mulraney
Sweden KTH Alice McColl
The Netherlands Arnhem Business School Nicholas Kezimana
The Netherlands University of Twente David Harris
The Netherlands HAN University of Applied Sciences Colin Creeper
United Kingdom University of Liverpool Abigail Daly
United Kingdom University of Essex Amelia Long
United Kingdom University of Essex Cameron Hemley
United Kingdom University of Liverpool Amelia Hutchinson
United Kingdom Kingston University London Alex Lazar
United Kingdom Aston Business School Weijia Yan
United Kingdom Aston Business School Sushmita Prasad
United Kingdom Aston Business School Quustyn Rose Lu
United Kingdom Lancaster University Alexandria Jarell
United Kingdom Lancaster University Tyron Bettison
United Kingdom Lancaster University Lilly Premrl
United Kingdom University of Strathclyde Flynn Stewart
United Kingdom University of Strathclyde Cameron Corlett
United Kingdom University of Sunderland Samantha Leahy

Reports from the Americas    

Exchange countryPartner universityStudent Name
Canada University of Victoria Caitlyn Aichin
Canada University of Ottowa Harrison Harding
Canada University of Ottawa Alexandra Rossi
Canada Brock University Belinda Rundell
Canada Brock University Ben Kendall
Canada Carleton University Benjamin Stevens
Canada Carleton University Myles Wallace
Canada Carleton University Shannon Kilgariff
Canada Carleton University Dominic Smith
Canada Concordia University Cordelia Woods
Canada Concordia University Marnie Picken
Canada Laval University Amy Sutherland
Canada Ryerson University Abbie Martin
Canada Ryerson University James Roper
Canada Ryerson University Hannah Hassam
Canada Ryerson University Elliot Monfries
Canada Ryerson University Emma Macleod
Canada Ryerson University Kayla Gaskin
Canada Ryerson University Calum Hurley
Canada Ryerson University Kate Easther
Canada University of Calgary Henry Jones
Canada University of Calgary Sarah Edney
Canada University of Calgary Cathy Rowe
USA Buffalo State College Nicolette Roberts
USA Buffalo State College Yolanda Rogers
USA Colorado State University Brooke Klement
USA Colorado State University Bec Wetham
USA Colorado State University Ellie Cooper
USA Colorado State University Melanie Walker
USA Colorado State University George Booth
USA Northern Arizona University Danniella McGowen
USA Northern Arizona University Shannon Tremaine
USA Oklahoma State University Alex Thorpe
USA Minnesota State University Elliot Woolaston
USA Stetson University Alex Banitsiotis
USA Stetson University Amelia Roberts

Short term reports    

Exchange countryProgram/UniversityStudent Name
China Tianjin University / Battle Andrew McIntyre
Italy Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Kassandra Affede
Spain Spanish in Cadiz Courtney Lee Morgan
Singapore GEM Summer Trailblazer Cheryl Saw
USA Michigan State University with AIM Overseas Elise Macoustra

Hear about the experiences of other Australian students

UniSA is a partner university of The Global Society, a society for Australian students studying overseas. Through this partnership, all students from UniSA are able to access a national study abroad and exchange forum – where thousands of students each year discuss, prepare for and give feedback on their overseas study. Get started by creating a forum account here.

The Global Society

What our students have to say about their exchange experience

Sam Miles - Roskilde, Denmark

What were the highlights of your exchange?

“Being able to travel around Europe, playing a Football competition in Turkey for the Danish University. Meeting a lot of good friends from around the world and learning new languages/customs/traditions from Denmark/Spain/Italy/France and many others while in Denmark.”



Juliana Chambers - Milan, Italy

How would you describe your student exchange experience?

"It was an amazing experience, once in a life time! To have the opportunity to study in another country and see and experience the lifestyle, culture, people and food is something not many people can lay claim to doing, especially in Australia when we have to travel such distances. Though there were challenging aspects to the time, these are outweighed by the fun times I had and the people that I met. I have made friends for life."


Susannah Emery - short term exchange, Hong Kong

Has exchange changed your perspective on Adelaide, the world, your studies, your career choices?

“Student exchange has given me a more international perspective on life. I can see we are quite limited in Adelaide for our choices, for example, musical equipment and instruments was almost half the price in Hong Kong than in Adelaide and there was a greater variety. I always wanted to do further study after I finish my undergraduate degree and now I can see options for this study and work all over the world, not just in Australia.”


Ket Hau Chia - Kansai Gaidai, Japan

What would you say to other UniSA students considering an exchange? What information would you like to share with other students?

"I believe choosing to go for exchange is simply one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Some people might get bombarded by the amount of paperwork to complete for the exchange, but at the end of the day you will find everything you have done earlier really pays off and you will be glad you made the choice to go on exchange."