Academic staff

Professional staff

Ramila Chanisheff
Project Officer


Dr Claire Alkouatli currently teaches:
MCIM - Graduate Certificate in Education Islamic Education: Islamic pedagogy- Principles & Praxis - EDUC 5262
Short ProgramL Islamic Pedagogy - Distinctive Education Practice for Islamic Schools.



Ms Eman Aweida currently teaches:
MCIM - Graduate Certificate in Education Islamic Education: Critical Perspectives on Curruculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment - EDUC 5279.




Ms Hibba Mourad currently teaches:
Short Program: Islamic Pedagogy: Distinctive Education Practice for Islamic Schools.





Ms Nuraan Ahmed (Samodien) currently teaches:
Short Program: Islamic Pedagogy: Distinctive Education Practice for Islamic Schools.

Higher Degree Research (HDR) Candidates

Yayan Rahayani
Thesis Title:  Australian trainers’ perspective on being culturally responsive: a case study of training programs for Indonesian Muslim teachers.
Carolyn McCosh
Thesis Title: Abu Dhabi education reform cultural social and educational factors influencing the reform.
Emad Al-Hammadin

Thesis Title: Muslim Australian youth and Countering Violent Extremism strategy: Towards an Effective Community Engagement Model .

Siti Hidayah
Thesis Title: Women doing leadership: narrative inquiry of female leadership experiences in Indonesian Islamic higher education institutions.
Amela Mamic

Thesis Title: Developing a framework for teaching based on the principles of Kalam Theology.

Evla Han


Thesis Title: Muslim millenials in Islamic school leadership: factors impacting experiences and expectations.
Mikayla King

Thesis Title:

Weaving Affective Awareness and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: An Ethnography of Teachers in Super Diverse Australian Classrooms.

Reem Musa
Thesis Title: Student perceptions of the aims of Australian Islamic Schools.

Zeynep Sertel

Thesis Title: Islam, Muslims, Education and Schooling.


Muna Al-Siyabi

Thesis Title: Effective teachers documentation behaviors in a Reggio-Emilia program.
Raqiya Al Salti

Thesis Title: Omani early childhood curriculum in light of national association of young children education (naeyc) developmentally appropriate practice.

Jokha Al Shukaili
Thesis Title: The quality of early childhood teachers education preparation program at Sultan Qaboos University.
Maffaz Al Safi

Thesis Title: Tawqa in Australian Islamic Schools.



Completed PhD Candidates

Greg Macdonald
Thesis Title: Factors affecting interfaith dialogue: personal views and experiences of Uniting Church Christians and Sunni Muslims of Adelaide, Australia.
Ahmad Alzaareer
Thesis Title: Volunteering in Australian Islamic schools: students' perspectives, experiences, motivations and challenges. Completed 2023.
Dr Nadia Selim
Thesis Title:  Exploring Arabic learning motivation and experiences at Australian Islamic schools: Voices of non-Arab adolescent Muslims. Completed 2021.
Dr Hafsa Pirzada (nee Khan)
Thesis Title: Islamic Legal Principles among Cultural Peoples: A Hanafī Jurisprudential Analysis of Marriage Consent in the Pashtun cultural context of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Completed 2019.


Adjunct Members

Dr Salah Kutieleh

Dr Salah Kutieleh gained his PhD in Education 1996, following the successful completion of a thesis entitled: Foreign language Learners’ perception of textual relationships in the process of reading. The flinders University of South Australia
Master of Education, 1985, The Flinders University of South Australia
Diploma of Education majoring in TESOL, 1980. The University of Damascus, Syria
BA in English Language and Literature, 1980. 

Full CV for Dr Salah Kutieleh

Assoc. Professor Anke Iman Bouzenita, Ph.D., M.A.

Associate Professor at the Department of Islamic Sciences, College of Education, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. My academic and professional experience includes working in my home country, Germany (Ruhr-Universitӓt Bochum, 1998-2001) as well as in Algeria (University El-Hajj Lakhdar, Batna, 2002-2004), the International Islamic University Malaysia (2004-2012) and my current position in the Sultanate of Oman (2013-now).I am experienced in teaching on B.A. and M.A. level as well as supervising Master and Ph.D. theses, both in Arabic and English.

To view publications please click link to CV.

Full CV for Associate Professor Anke Iman Bouzenita

Dr Nezar Faris

Dr Nezar Faris' research and outreach work focuses on the development and improvement of governance and leadership.

Dr Faris supervises various PhD students.



Nadia Selim is an early career researcher. She focuses on Arabic language learning and instruction with an emphasis on the Australian context. Her research interests extend to L2 motivation, students’ experiences,  and the use of digital applications in learning and education. Nadia has several academic publications and she has presented at various conferences. Nadia was invited to review Q1 journal articles; contribute to edited books; and her research was cited in the Middle East. Nadia was also invited to speak on ABC Radio Adelaide. She has assisted with important research projects and conducted professional development sessions for teachers and cultural awareness sessions for staff at different organisations. Nadia also manages the ArabicWithNadia website and social media presence. Nadia collaborates with CITE academic staff in research and publications focused on Islamic schools and PhD candidate supervision.

Full CV here for Dr Nadia Selim