06 May 2020

Join us for a live webinar and discussion with Dr Mahmood Nathie
on the relevant topic on biomedical issues

Muslim jurists have over the centuries derived rulings on issues in the field of medical ethics. With the Covid19 pandemic now front and centre, this webinar will focus on a few selected biomedical issues and their treatment in Islamic law.  For instance, I will discuss briefly the fiqh maxim: ‘blocking the means to a thing’  

Date: 6 May 2020
Time: 11am - 12noon - Adelaide time
RSVP: Please email cite@unisa.edu.au to receive a Zoom link to attend

This topic on Biomedical  issues is covered in detail in our minor course: Shariah, Sacred Law and Islam Today (EDUC 2072), Offered at UniSA