07 May 2020

Join us for a live Webinar with leading Australian educationalist

on Rethinking Islamic School Renewal Post COVID

Rethinking Islamic School Renewal

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Well before the COVID 19 pandemic, educationalists raised concerns about the structures of schooling and their impact on learners. Yet, the immediate response to the pandemic was the decision to shift schooling on-line. Notwithstanding the intense pressures on schools and educators to navigate this shift overnight, and the blow back on parents to oversee and facilitate this in the home, was this really in the best interests of our children and learners? In this webinar, we engage with three of Australia’s leading International educationalists to explore the potentials for new ways of thinking and doing for schooling? We pose the question: does our “new reality” afford us the opportunity to slow down, rethink and re-envision the way forward for Islamic schooling?