02 August 2021

The book is making impact in Islamic schooling circles internationally, and it is significant that the Australian Newspaper should showcase the effort within Islamic schooling to lead innovative renewal of practice. Unfortunately, the Australian’s headline, “Islamic Schools urged to bring teaching up to date” did create some angst in community. CITE member Mr Dylan Chown offered a comment below in response.

One of the features of CITE’s work has been collaborative partnerships with schools, school leaders, and educators in Islamic schooling, demonstrating the agency and potential of researchers and practitioners working together. This was powerfully showcased during the session as complementing and adding to Dr Nadeem and Dylan’s session was a further presentation, a case study by colleagues and long-time collaborators with CITE, Irfan College (Sydney). Irfan College principal, Ustadh Ali Arabaci, and two lead educators at the College, Ms. Eman Aweida (1st Graduate of the Graduate Certificate – Islamic Pedagogy), and Ms Samah Taki (Graduate of the Graduate Certificate – Islamic Pedagogy) presented on the theme, “Enacting Faithful Praxis in one Australian Islamic School”. The session was chaired by ACSA President A/Prof Deborah Price and was well attended and well received.