17 September 2020

Among the most common questions we are asked at the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) is: “Where are the schools doing Islamic pedagogy?” As educators we undoubtedly benefit from models that exemplify what we all envision. Every Islamic school has aspects of educational practice that are “Islamic” just by virtue of holding on to the rope of the Islamic tradition. However, some schools are making a concerted effort to enact a whole-school educational practice that reflect principles of learning and teaching rooted in Islam (or Islamic Pedagogy).

This webinar series will take you for a tour of Islamic schools around the world that are enacting Islamic Pedagogy in innovative ways. These schools will be the first to admit that what they have to offer is a work in progress and a journey becoming. This series is not about promoting ‘best practice’ or ranking schools by any stretch of the imagination. It is about celebrating and sharing innovative practice to inspire on-going reflection and renewal across Islamic schools globally.

The premise of this webinar series is to move beyond the “challenges” of Islamic schools and move toward distinction – distinction through innovative educational practice within Islamic pedagogy. If you feel your school is enacting Islamic Pedagogy in innovative ways, please contact us ASAP!

Each webinar will be an after-hours school tour with a school leader focused around 4 guiding questions:

How is Islamic Pedagogy understood in your school?

In what ways has Islamic Pedagogy shaped whole-school approaches within your school?

Where/how is Islamic Pedagogy guiding practice?

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