Lead researchers: Professor Jeff Connor and Dr Courtney Regan 

The Project

The overall projet objective is to develop, test and implement an evidence-based biosecurity and forest heal system and supporting protocols implemented on an industry-wide and cooperative basis within the Green Triangle.

  • Part A - develop calibated pest spread models for the broader Green Triangle with whih to quantitatively investigate the invasion ecology and economic impacts of forestry pests.
  • Part B - establish a cooperative forest health and monitoring and surveillance system in the Green Triangle and expert forest health and biosecurity capacity to support the development of the pest spread model.


Our Research Approach

Forest Health methodology standardisations

Standardisation of ethod is the first step in coordinating both a FHS and standardising reporting both at a regional level and a national scale.

Standardisation Methods used:

  • Aerial Surveillance Methods
  • Supplementary / Roadside Methods
  • Round Plot Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring Plots
  • Diagnostic Surveys
  • Drive Through / Ad Hoc Surveys
  • Establishment Surveys
  • Targeted / Pest Specific Surveillance

Centralised System for Reporting


Training was required for both industry staff and a newly recruited local forest health officer. Field work was split between SA and Victoria.

Our Findings

Key Results and Recommendations

  • Dedicated resources to support industry
  • Continuous improvement and reporting protocols established
  • Digital monitoring and surveillance system for the Green Triangle developed
  • Introduced and established a standardised plot-based system across all growers
  • Improved forestry biosecurity monitoring system introduced
  • Regional Forest Health summary and company reports


What is the Future of R&D for Forest Health and Biosecurity Systems?

The Green Triangle forest industry is comitted to reducing the effect of pest and disease on plantation production through early detection, intervention and effective collaborative research uniting all Green Triangle growers.

  • A need for an oingoing Green Triangle Forest Health Coordinator
  • Increased forest health and biosecurity capacity requirements within industry
  • Links to a national forestry biosecurity program

Research Needs:

  • Research into new remote sensing technologies to support operational delivery

Potential Student Projects:

  • Pest and pathogen damage thresholds
  • Developing the pest forecast models using degree day models for endemic pests
  • Exploring the use of Forestry pest dispersal model and configuring for endemic pests
Our Team

Researchers:  Jeff Connor, Courtney Regan, Jim O'Hehir, Dianne Patzel, Braden Jenkin (Sylva Systems Pty Ltd), David Smith (Agriculture Victoria), John Weiss (Agriculture Victoria), Kathryn Sheffield (Agriculture Victoria), Anna Weeks (Agriculture Victoria), Rudi Hoffman (Agriculture Victoria)

Collaborative Partners: Australian Bluegum Plantations, Green Triangle Forest Products, Hancock Victorian Plantations, OneFortyOne Plantations, PF Olsen, SFM, Timberlands

Contact information

Dr Jim O’Hehir
General Manager: Forest Research Mount Gambier
Ph: +61 8 830 28997
E: Jim.O'Hehir@unisa.edu.au

Michele Cranage
Administrative Officer
Ph: +61 8 830 28902
E: Michele.Cranage@unisa.edu.au