Our commitment

Welcome to the University of South Australia’s Disability Hub. This hub is a one stop shop where visitors can access disability-related information, procedures and services for the University community. It helps raise awareness and understanding of disability issues for all students, staff and visitors to enable full participation in all aspects of University life.

Disability Action Plan

Formally, the University demonstrates its commitment to both staff and students with disability through the development and implementation of its Disability Action Plan 2014 – 2018. The plan is developed through consultation with our staff and students, with their views and ideas informing the actions required to achieve our disability objectives over this period. The plan encourages prospective and current staff and students of the University community to engage with, understand and respect differences and similarities among people. It focuses on increased consultation and awareness about disability and introduces new initiatives and activities to further enhance:

  • The inclusion of students and staff with disability in all aspects of university life
  • Identification and removal of barriers to tertiary education and employment for students and staff
  • Diversification of the University’s workforce and student population
  • Prevention of intentional, non-intentional or systemic discrimination

Download the Disability Action Plan. (PDF, 926kb)

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