Evacuation plans

Campus Security is responsible for the safe evacuation of all persons on campus in case of an emergency.  The University encourages all staff, students, contractors, and visitors to make themselves aware of the Emergency Evacuation Procedures.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

(Assistance for people who require assistance to evacuate a building.)

The Campus Facilities Co-Ordinator will be able to assist staff and visitors in developing the individualised PEEP and a confidential copy will be circulated to those persons responsible for its implementation. Students should contact their campus Disability Service to coordinate the creation of a PEEP.

Download the Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) (Word 44kb - opens in a new window)

Non-emergency evacuation

The University has additional procedures in place for the non-emergency evacuation of people with mobility disabilities during power or lift failures.

Download the Non emergency evacuation procedures for people with mobility disabilities during power or lift failures (PDF 189kb - opens in a new window)