If your disability, mental health or medical condition impacts on you undertaking exams you may be eligible for services and adjustments to ensure you are assessed in a fair and equitable manner. Exam adjustments are based on individual needs and aim to minimise the impact of disability on your performance, whilst maintaining the academic requirements of your course. 

Secondary exams

Student's whose disability, mental health or medical condition will impact on their preparation for scheduled exams can contact an Access and Inclusion Adviser to discuss options. Approval may be granted for a student to undertake their first attempt at an exam during the Secondary Exam period where agreement is reached with the Course Coordinator before the end of classes.

Students whose disability, mental health or medical condition unexpectedly impacts on their exam performance, or attendance at a scheduled exam, can apply for a secondary assessment (previously referred to as "Special Consideration" and "Deferred Assessment" respectively). Applications must be lodged at Campus Central within 5 working days of the exam.

Secondary assessment form.

Exam services and adjustments

Exam services and adjustments may include:

  • Extra time
  • Allowance for food and drink to be brought into the exam
  • Allowance for rest or toilet breaks
  • Provision of equipment, like a laptop, trackball, or spell checker
  • Alternative seating arrangements, for example an ergonomic chair, footrest, or lectern
  • Assistance like a scribe or reader
  • Alternative venue
  • Early entry into the exam room or accessible parking permit

Key dates

Exam arrangements must be agreed and documented in a student's Access Plan no later than the date specified on the alternative exam arrangements page.

Requests after the date specified for your enrolment study period may not be able to be accommodated therefore it is important to arrange a meeting with an Access and Inclusion Adviser early to provide every opportunity your requirements can be met. Late requests cannot be guaranteed.