Leave of absence and withdrawal

Students are responsible for managing their enrolment and being aware of all key university dates.

Students should not confuse the census date with the academic withdrawal date (the date set per study period as the final day that a student can withdraw from a course without incurring academic penalty i.e. a recorded fail grade).

See the Academic Year Calendar for census date, withdraw without fail (W) and withdraw fail (WF) dates.

Withdrawal dates

Students who drop a course on or before the census date, will not be charged for that course for that study period. After the census date the grade and fees for the course will apply.

Students who withdraw from a course after the census date may apply for an amendment to enrolment and fees in special circumstances. Read the application form for details of eligibility and application deadlines.

Contact Campus Central for more information.

Leave of Absence

Students can apply to take leave from their program for up to a year. Students whose disability, mental health or medical condition is impacting negatively on their ability to study may choose to apply for leave of absence from their program.

For international students, any leave of absence will impact on the visa arrangements and students will need to contact an International Support Officer to discuss the implications of this.

Students need to complete the Leave of Absence form and submit it to Campus Central. It may be useful for students to discuss their application with their Program Director.