With change comes growth and renewal

Professor David Lloyd Vice Chancellor and President

For around 1000 years, give or take a decade, universities have helped humanity grow, through research, through teaching and through a commitment to sharing that knowledge when possible with the community that supports us.

Change is a vital part of that growth. Change is a vital part of any growth.

Universities have led change throughout their history, producing new knowledge through discoveries that change the world. But in order to make change, you must be change. You must be nimble and agile and ready to react to favourable conditions. You need to grab the opportunity for change because in change there is growth. There is renewal.

As a University of Enterprise, UniSA must evolve and grow to keep up with the changing demands of our economy, our students, our research partners and of the world around us.

The Enterprise25 Change Proposal paper, which has just been released, outlines changes we’re going to make to take this university into its next level. We’ve put our resources into making our teaching, our research and the student experience world class. Our programs will be refined and reshaped so that they are world leading, end-user endorsed and informed by the latest discipline thinking and new knowledge. We will be known for excellence across all our programs.

We’re almost 29 years old and over that time we have become one of the world’s best young universities. Imagine how much farther we can go with a fresh new approach (Oh, and for those of you who noticed that we just dropped from the 201-250 group to 251-300 in the Times Higher Education rankings, behind the bands, we moved seven places. We’ll get them back, and more. E25 is part of the how.)

We’ve workshopped these new academic structures together. We can make these changes together, because of who we are as a University of Enterprise, an institution devoted to adding great value to the economy that supports us, whose people who are flexible, determined, persistent, eager and capable of co-creating a university of truly global standing and delivering the widest possible societal benefit.

According to the poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy (Irish but born in London. Go figure.)
We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams … Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.

UniSA, in its earliest days, was known as The People’s University. We built this university together, and together we will grow it to the next level. That will be another achievement of which we can be proud.

Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor and President