Chief Investigators:  Harry Rust and Dr Stefan Peters

Year commenced:  2021

Green Adelaide is dedicated to creating a cooler, greener, wilder and more climate resistant city.  Green spaces play a major role in this mission, bolstering biodiversity, and improving human wellbeing.  Mapping and GIS technology can systematically analyse green spaces and assist with planning efforts. 

Project Summary
A web app was created in ESRI Dashboards that allowed us to view the map of Field River Valley greenspaces in web browsers.  Numerous built-in tools enhance usability for managers, allowing easy-to-navigate maps to enhance visitor engagement and promoting holistic planning that reflects the integrated nature of the spaces.

Our project was led by a third-year Environmental Science student and offers an example of the quality of undergraduate research collaborations we can offer.

We have developed a web mapping application to investigate existing features including trails, hazards and entry points. Green Adelaide staff can use this application to navigate the site while undertaking ecological and cultural surveys.  In future iterations, we plan to make it accessible the public.

Web mapping