Led by  Associate Professor Ke Xing, this stream focuses on smart and climate-positive infrastructure solutions (including energy, transport, water and waste) meeting service demands of cities and regions in the most sufficient manner, from initial conception to whole-of-life stewardship using state-of-art technologies and asset lifecycle management techniques. 

This stream uses integrated infrastructure and logistics systems and strategies, which employ sufficiency and circular economy principles, to improve resource efficiency and effectiveness of providing, operating and maintaining built assets while achieving “net zero” targets and linking with infrastructural aspects of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), i.e. “SDG 9 – industry, innovation and infrastructure”.

The research expertise of the group covers the topics:

  • Structural engineering - Smart construction materials - Reinforced crumbed rubber concrete, Recycling materials, Resilient infrastructures, Non-destructive condition assessment, Structural retrofitting
  • Sustainable and Net-zero Built Environment - Energy efficient industries and communities, Asset management, Online sensing, Sustainable buildings, Urban precinct modelling, Energy emissions of buildings and embodied energy, Construction operations and safety management, Human factors in construction management, Green infrastructure.
  • Project and Risk Management - Project control methods, Standards development, Sustainable construction, Project procurement, Integrity of tendering system, Sustainable development, Program and portfolio management, Strategic benefits realisation.
  • Waste Management - Waste utilisation, Sustainable construction materials, Zero energy buildings, Reverse logistics, Supply chain, Waste minimisation (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).
  • Digital technologies - GIS applications, public transport planning, ageing & transport, smart and sustainable construction, Big data analytics in the built environment
  • Smart management and communication technology – Using technology as an enabler for smart infrastructure (Digitalization); Building Information Modelling (BIM), Resource efficiency, Asset management, Integrated infrastructure systems, Structural health monitoring, sensors in pipes, the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Synergies between Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy for smart infrastructure


Current projects