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Sustainable Infrastructure and Resource Management (SIRM) at the University of South Australia undertakes research in physical infrastructure management and the sustainable management of assets. SIRM applies circular economy philosophy and carbon reduction solutions to ensure sustainable communities throughout the world.

SIRM recognises that the challenge of moving to a more sustainable future requires an understanding of the complexity and interactions of human, natural, and built systems. We bring together diverse research expertise to address significant societal challenges at the interface of the natural and built environments at all scales. We offer clients the potential to address real problems using multidisciplinary teams. Our goal is to efficiently use resources to manage the natural and built environments sustainably.

Our members include world-leading researchers in sustainable management and systems analysis, as well as experts in various disciplines of science and engineering ranging from environmental, construction, transportation, food, social, and community.  SIRM is led by Professor Chris Chow, who is an internationally renowned Water Science and Engineering Researcher. Chris was appointed the Director of SIRM (formally known as ScaRCE) in 2020 in recognition of his extensive research engagement with private industry at a local, national and international level.  After spending 23 years in the industry, Chris joined UniSA in 2017.  His extensive industry experience provided him with valuable insight into the problems faced by industry leaders.  He is able to translate and apply his research to solve real-world problems. His research encompasses water quality and treatment, monitoring and control treatment, sensor applications and automation, water infrastructure, and asset management.

We are involved in research construction projects in both water and transport supporting liveable regions / regional economic growth.  We also undertake research in the maintenance aspect of assets (physical infrastructure management), sustainable management of assets in tactical asset management (interface between strategic and operational management), integrating the circular economy philosophy, and applying carbon reduction considerations. We work in ecology, environmental restoration, planning for liveable cities and regions, and building carbon-resilient regenerative communities.

SIRM also has a close association with the UniSA Commercial Testing, the two Regional Campuses in Whyalla and Mt Gambier, and the Forestry Research Hub.