Resolving real world problems and challenges of industry

The University of South Australia’s Scarce Resources and Circular Economy – ScaRCE – undertakes research across three major research strands to support improved environmental and socio-economic sustainability: Smart Infrastructure and Built Environments; Environmentally Sensitive and Regenerative Communities and Natural Resources and Environmental Resilience.

ScaRCE academics and researchers are world class, with diverse research backgrounds and complementary expertise in civil engineering, construction management, environmental science, geospatial science, project management and water & wastewater engineering. A key aim of the research concentration is resolving real world, multidisciplinary problems and the challenges of industry, governing organisations and the community, at both national and international levels.

With more than 30 full-time academic staff and over 40 PhD students, ScaRCE, provides a stimulating and well-resourced research environment. Our research is funded through Australian Research Council (ARC) grants as well as grants from industry and government agencies.

We welcome research and partnering opportunities with industries, local councils, governments, communities and other research organisations to address the important knowledge gaps and problems of our natural and built environments.

SMAG - Specialised Testing & Research Unit

Structural materials and assemblies testing group

Australian Flow Management Group

Servicing specialised testing needs of the water industry


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Scarce Resources and Circular Economy

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