Short term application

Travel Grant Application for International Short Term Study or Placement

This form can be used for students undertaking a short term study or placement at a university or organisation.

Your application for a travel grant will be assessed against the advertised criteria and following confirmation from your Program Director that you will receive a minimum 4.5 units credit toward your current program. The award of Travel Grants is subject to the discretion of the Deputy Vice Chancellor: External Realtions and Strategic Projects.

Please note this form is for University of South Australia students only.


In order for your application to be considered you must ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  •  Approval from your Program Director that minimum credit of 4.5 units toward your current program will be provided on return to the University of South Australia 
  •  Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.0 or above 
  •  No more than 9 failed units in the program in which you are currently enrolled
  •  Undergraduate students - at point of application, completion of at least 18 units in the program in which you are currently enrolled. For postgraduate students at point of application, completion of at least 9 units in your current UniSA program
  •  Demonstrated empathy and understanding of cultural differences 
  •  Good health or a manageable condition

Note: Before you proceed, please make sure you have read and understood all the steps involved. 

Study or Placement Destination and Timing



Destination City/Cities:




Third Party / External provider name

(if applicable):



Name of host institution or external provider:



Name of Study Program:




Course preference:



During year:




During Study Period




Start and end dates of program:


Your Personal Details

Correspondence will be sent to the

mailing address that you have registered in myUniSA. It is your responsibility

to keep your contact details on myUniSA up to date.

Family name:


Given name(s):


UniSA program code:


Student ID:


Mobile / Contact telephone number:


Student email address:


Emergency Contact Person

Emergency contacts are used by UniSA in the event that you are involved in a major incident overseas, or if we urgently require information about your whereabouts or your program and we are unable to contact you.











Mobile / Contact telephone number:




UniSA Program Director Confirmation

All students applying for funding of a short term study or placement must arrange for their Program Director to provide confirmation that they will receive a minimum 4.5 units of credit toward their current program.

Please email the confirmation form (see below) to your Program Director. You are responsible for following up with the Program Director to ensure that they submit the academic confirmation form within two weeks of the submission of your application for funding. Your application will not be considered without this confirmation.

Program Director Details

Name of Program Director:


Program Director Academic Credit Confirmation Form

Please copy and paste this information into an email to your Program Director who will complete the confirmation for you.

Dear ...

Please find attached the link to the

Program Director Academic Credit Confirmation Form

(Staff access only)

. Please complete this form confirming I will receive a minimum 4.5 units credit towards my current UniSA Program following successful completion of my short term study/placement.

My details are:

  • Full name

  • Student ID

  • Short term exchange program name

  • Mobile phone

  • Email address

Student Declaration

  • I agree to inform UniSA International immediately if there is any change to the information given in this application.

  • I understand that the University of South Australia may vary or cancel any decision it makes if the information I have given is incorrect or incomplete.

  • I understand the University may request the return of any travel grant or scholarship if I do not complete the nominated program.

  • I understand while overseas I am an ambassador of the University and I will endeavour to understand and respect cultural differences, and will not act in any way which may be detrimental to the program or the University.

  • I declare that the information provided by me in this application is true and complete.




Areas of study and research

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