Our team at the Centre for Workplace Excellence bring together a unique alignment of experience and capabilities to help your organisation achieve its excellence.

Leadership Team

Associate Professor Connie Zheng
Codirector CWeX, Contextual factors and international HRM, Chinese organisation and management, HR-driven creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, employee well-being and work-life balance
Associate Professor Sukhbir Sandhu
Codirector, CWeX, Social and environmental sustainability, diversity and sustainability


Dr Ali Afsharian
Organisational and clinical psychology, psychosocial safety climate
Associate Professor Tina Du
Applied, industry and interdisciplinary studies related to information behaviour, interactive information retrieval, marginalised communities, and social informatics
Dr Helena de Anstiss
Policy and context in which government funded services are delivered, social impact investing
Professor Maureen Dollard
Prevent risks to worker psychological health, safety and productivity
Professor Susan Freeman
International business strategy, international entrepreneurship research, postgraduate teaching and learning
Dr Matylda Howard
Leadership in healthcare, person-centered care, Quality and safety in health services
Dr Frank Huo
Workforce performance, job design, high-involvement work processes
Professor Carol Kulik
Workplace diversity, HRM practices
Dr Sarven McLinton
Workplace bullying, Cross-cultural psychology, Instrument development, Anger and work stress
Professor Cheri Ostroff
Organisational culture, climate and change, person-organisation fit
Dr Mikaela Owen
Worker and student mental health and wellbeing, psychosocial risk factors, psychosocial safety climate
Dr Subha Parida
Employees' performance in green buildings
Dr Sanjee Perera
Emotion in the workplace, workforce diversity
Dr Silvia Pignata
Employee health and well-being, stress interventions, human factors and aviation psychology
Dr Rachael Potter
Psychological health at work, psychosocial risk regulation, policy evaluation
Dr. Teresa Puvimanasinghe
Transcultural mental health, cross-cultural psychology, intercultural relations, qualitative research methods, trauma-informed strength-based counselling
Dr Harry Savelsberg
Social Policy: education, employment and youth affairs
Dr Ruchi Sinha
Teams dynamics: voice, conflict, emotions, leadership &power; Negotiation
Dr Gerry Treuren
Volunteering motivation, employee turnover and retention, migrant and refugee employment
Dr Basil Tucker
Management control, social network theory, management techniques developed by Ricardo Semler andstructural equation modelling
Professor Michelle Tuckey
Workplace bullying, workplace mental health and well-being, occupational stress
Professor Marie Wilson
Management of performance (with a focus on professionals and knowledge work), judgment and decision-making in professional setting
Professor Tahereh Ziaian
Transcultural mental health cross-cultural psychology, Immigration, acculturation and intercultural relations
Dr Xiao Lin
Leader humility and servant leadership, employee voice and proactivity, psychological contracts, and individual cultural diversity


Prof Deanne den Hartog, University of Amsterdam
Leadership, teams, personality, well-being, HRM, culture and trust

Prof Ingrid Fulmer, Rutgers, School of Management and Labor Relations
Human resource management, organisational behaviour and business ethics

Prof Anthony McDonnell, Cork University
International human resource management, employment relations, talent management

Prof Larry Williams, Texas Tech University 
Organizational and social science research methods and data analysis techniques

Prof Yoshio Yanadori, Waseda University 
International human resource management, gender pay gap

Prof Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro, The London School of Economics and Political Science 
Justice in organisations, psychological contracts

Dr Amy Zadow, University of Adelaide School of Psychology


Dr Ashlee Borgkvist,University of South Australia, Gender and flexible working arrangements, work-life integration, parenting and work

Professor David Cropley, University of South Australia, Creativity, innovation, cognitive flexibility and problem solving

Dr Xin Deng,  University of South Australia, Applied economics, labour market, workforce diversity and sustainability

Professor Kurt Lushington, University of South Australia, Sleep and fatigue in the workplace

Associate Professor Shruti Sardeshmukh, University of South Australia, People dynamics related to innovation entrepreneurship and SMEs

Associate Professor Anna Sullivan, University of South Australia, 

Professor Ying Zhu, University of South Australia, Asian Business and Management, human resource management

Associate Professor Nina Evans, University of South Australia, Digital business transformation, Business innovation, Business-IT fusion, IT strategy and management

Dr Mohtsham Saeed, University of South Australia, Business Management, applied economics, marketing

Ms Gorjana Brkic, University of South Australia, Justice and Society, respectful workplace, human resource management 

Dr Michelle Oppert, University of South Australia, Justice and Society, Research Associate for the Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre (BBB)

Alice Rose, University of South Australia, Justice and Society, Researcher

Dr Jill Gould, University of South Australia, Organisational gender diversity, gender pay gap

Professor Chandra Krishnamurti, University of South Australia, Banking, Finance and Investment

Chelsea Benincasa, University of South Australia, Justice and Society, Researcher

Syed Affan Momin Bokhari, University of South Australia, Researcher

Dr Katherine Christ, University of South Australia, Modern slavery and modern slavery risk management in corporate operations and supply chains.

Professional Staff

Ms Paulina Gonzalez
Centre Project Officer