Promoting healthier, safer and more productive work environments

StressCafe.jpgThe StressCafé is a unique portal for gathering and sharing important information about workplace stress associated with different occupations in Australia and overseas. Researchers from UniSA’s Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX) aim to develop an understanding of this significant feature of working life – which is growing with importance amongst workers – and to assist in the evolution of workplace conditions which minimise worker stress and injury.

Research is showing how important it is for organisations to prioritise the psychological health of workers. Our team of researchers are looking into various factors surrounding the mental health of workers including the effectiveness of existing Employee Assistance Programs and appropriate strategies for improving the psychological health climate at workplaces.

Within the StressCafé portal, there are a series of research projects focusing on a variety of industries such as health and higher education, as well as specific groups such as school leavers and young refugees.

The StressCafé also houses the Australian Workplace Barometer project which aims to provide science-driven evidence of Australian work conditions and their relationships to workplace health and productivity, through a national monitoring and surveillance system.

A stand-out finding has been that depression costs Australian employees approximately $8 billion a year and $693 million a year for job strain and bullying. We have used this data to identify industries and occupations at risk, as well as providing evidence for the best support strategies, prevention and intervention.

With rigorous research backing up our findings, we are focused on equipping Australian and international organisations with the best knowledge and tools for a happy, supportive and productive workplace.