Bob Hawke and his Government 1983 - 1991


Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre

An informative exhibition tracking the paradigm shift in Australian values, policies, and international relations pursued by the Hawke government. From educational access, to Aboriginal advancement, to anti-sex discrimination, to Medicare, to the saving of the Franklin River and Kakadu, to the lifting of trade barriers and the vital furthering of the China relationship, the re-shaping of Australia is embedded in the history of this government.

The special connection to our State lies in the fact that Bob Hawke was the only Prime Minister to have been born in South Australia, and the exhibition content has drawn upon the expertise and collections of The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library in Adelaide.

The exhibition currently includes, An Australia for the World, focussing on Bob Hawke's contribution to a multicultural Australia. 

The exhibition was originally showcased in 2012, as part of South Australia's History Festival, marking the University of South Australia's 21st birthday and the 21st year since Bob Hawke ceased to be Prime Minister. 

Images: Hero Image: Bob Hawke, Copyright unknown; Above, Top Left: Bob Hawke, Image credit: Randy Larcombe, Top Right: Bob Hawke celebrating the America's Cup victory, Reproduced with permission from Newspix/News Ltd, Bottom Left: Bob Hawke talks to workers during a visit to a Toyota factory, Melbourne - 1991, Bottom Right:  Photo of exhibition   

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