07 February - 28 June 2024


children's voices 
from the bob hawke collection

7 february 2024 -
28 june 2024 

The Hon Bob Hawke AC recognised that investment in children and their families provided a solid foundation for future generations. This exhibition explores Hawke’s unwavering commitment to future generations and his dedication to Australia’s youth through unveiling the ‘voices of children’ in the Bob Hawke Collection.

On display are archival records showing the Hawke Government’s work on issues relevant to the younger generation including education, social welfare and environmental policies. The exhibit also includes thoughtfully curated photographs capturing Hawke’s rapport with children at various events, including openings and school visits.

Moreover, the exhibition also features children’s voices expressed through their artwork, invitations, and photographs. This heart-warming collection provides a fascinating glimpse into interactions children shared with Hawke during his tenure as Prime Minister and their early civic engagement.

Visitors also have the chance to gain insight into Hawke’s childhood, through captivating photographs, school reports, and memorabilia. 

Drawing on historical items from the University of South Australia's Bob Hawke Collection, this exhibition complements the permanent exhibition: Advancing Australia Fair: Bob Hawke and his Government 1983-1991.

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library.

Image: Drawing from the Bob Hawke Collection by Kindergarten B at Pendle Hill Public School, June 1990.

Presented by
The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and
the bob hawke prime ministerial library


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