05 June - 28 June 2024


journey of resilience


5 june 2024 -
28 june 2024

Journey of Resilience, an exhibition by acclaimed Documentary Photographer, Barat Ali Batoor, showcases photography from three interconnected series.

The first, The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan gained global attention by revealing the distressing reality of children exploited as sex slaves in Afghanistan. This powerful exposé, initially published in The Washington Post, compelled Batoor to relocate to Pakistan for his safety.

In his second series, Batoor documented the targeted killings of his own community, the Hazaras, by state-sponsored militant groups in Quetta, Pakistan. This exploration of tragic events unveils the challenges faced by the Hazaras, shedding light on the grim consequences of state-sponsored terrorism.

Confronted with increasing insecurity, Batoor embarked on a perilous journey with people smugglers through Southeast Asia, culminating in a hazardous sea voyage to Australia, which ultimately proved unsuccessful. In the third part of the series, Batoor presents the daunting journey to Australia undertaken by people seeking asylum.

Collectively, the exhibition not only highlights the egregious child rights abuses in Afghanistan but also exposes the targeted killings of Hazaras. It offers a rare perspective on the dangerous path individuals take to seek asylum. Importantly, this exhibition marks the first visual representation of the arduous journey undertaken by asylum seekers aboard precarious fishing boats in Australia’s history.

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Journey of Resilience is presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre


Barat Ali Batoor
Photographer And Filmmaker

Barat Ali Batoor is a multi award-winning photographer and filmmaker. His photographs were exhibited across the world including the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia.

His works have been published in The Washington PostNewsweekNew York TimesWall Street JournalThe GuardianSternIndia TodayRisk MagazineThe Global MailThe Daily MailThe West AustralianStrategic Review and others.

He participated in “Lahore Artist Residency” by VASL in Lahore, Pakistan and was the 2009 recipient of a photography grant from New York’s Open Society Institute for the project “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”. He is the winner of Nikon-Walkleys Photo of the Year 2013 award as well as a winner in the Photo Essay category. He was also awarded “Communication for Social Change Award” by the University of Queensland.

He was a speaker at the TEDxSydney in 2014.

Batoor’s documentary film Batoor: A Refugee Journey won an award for the ‘Best Director’ at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. The film was also nominated for the 2021 Walkley Documentary Award. Batoor currently works as an Organiser with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and teaches photojournalism at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Batoor is also the recipient of RMIT’s Dean award for an Exemplary Sessional Staff Member 2021. Batoor also spoke at the TEDxIIITV on the topic of ‘The struggle of Identity and Belonging’.

As part of the Hawke Centre's 2023 Program, Barat Ali Batoor discussed his film, Batoor: A Refugee Journey with Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny - Murdoch University and University of South Australia and Professor Nicholas Procter - University of South Australia.

 Website: Barat Ali Batoor

Barat Ali Batoor

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