Standing Up, Standing Out

Standing Up, Standing Out

Standing up, standing out

MONday 28 May - 13 June 

Kerry Packer Civic Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition dates: MONDAY 28 MAY - WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE

This is an exhibition showcasing the work of Tutti Artists and photographer Emmaline Zanelli, curated by Ellen Schlobohm, Visual Arts Team leader at Tutti.

The artworks are the result of a series of turban workshops, facilitated by portrait artist Daniel Connell with members of Tutti Visual Arts and Adelaide’s Sikh community.

Tutti Artists have created turban works inspired by the Sikh themes of honesty, compassion, gratefulness, hard work, and sharing, along with their own life experience. This exhibition aims to promote diversity and the value of the Sikh community, whilst also recognising the value and power of artistic expression of artists living with disability.

Standing Up, Standing Out is co-presented and exhibited at both the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, Hawke Building, 28 May to 13 June and Nexus Arts Gallery, Lion Arts Centre, 31 May to 13 July.

Standing up, standing out lecture With Harjit SINGH
FRIDAY 1 JUNE 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Harjit Singh is passionate about turbans. While growing up (especially since 9/11) Harjit has copped a lot of racial abuse for wearing his turban. Harjit believes it is time for all Australians to embrace the turban as being just as Australian as an Akubra! 

Harjit loves:

  • discovering Australia
  • sharing things that amaze people
  • creating connections for people to achieve their dreams. 

Outside his day job of working as a Director at the Australian Taxation Office, he spends his time tying turbans on willing members of the public, working on Australian Sikh Heritage and advocating human rights.




Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, NEXUS Arts and Tutti Arts

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