Art by Prisoners

Art By Prisoners

Art by prisoners

MONDAY 6 August - FRIDAY 31 August 2018


Kerry Packer Civic Gallery Exhibition

Exhibition dates: Monday 6 August - Friday 31 August

Featuring selected works created within South Australia’s adult prisons, Art by Prisoners allows prisoners’ artwork to escape temporarily and go on show to the public. The prisoners are anonymous but this exhibition will reveal fragments of their lives both within and beyond prison, allowing us to see prisoners not as objects, but as human subjects.

Rather than ask what the men and women in this exhibition have done, it asks instead what they are capable of and what they might become. Reintegration requires offenders to accept society but it also requires society to accept ex-offenders. This exhibition allows us to rehearse this idea. Come and vote for your favourite artwork and leave messages for participants as a way of encouraging and supporting their creative development and aspirations. Over the past 12 years the prisoner population in SA has soared by 67%. This exhibition invites us to reflect on the prison system, on who, how many and at what cost we punish people.



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