Wi-Fi Modem Hire Form

Wi-Fi modems are available for students to hire who are not residing in DRH accommodation and undertaking a rural placement.

Terms & Conditions


Wi-Fi modems can be hired by domestic Nursing and Allied Heath students not residing in DRH accommodation who are undertaking a placement in rural South Australia.

Costs Involved

Hire of the Wi-Fi modem is free. However, if you fail to return the Wi-Fi modem or damage the modem in any way, you will be charged full replacement costs. Any unreturned modem will be cancelled and rendered unusable.

Process for Hiring

The online form will need to be submitted, with terms and conditions agreed to at least two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of your placement. You will receive a prepaid envelope with your modem and we ask that you return the modem within one (1) week of completion of your placement. Failure to promptly return the modem may result in you being charged.

Data Limitations 

The modem has a 15GB data limit.  Data is to be used for University related purposes ie study, podcasts, online lectures etc. Streaming of television and movies (Netflix, Stan etc) is strictly prohibited.

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