At The Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre (RBRC) we deliver solution-oriented approaches to improve the healthcare system for the benefit of communities and society.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and we invite you to further explore collaboration opportunities or contact us for further information.


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    Staying connected to those working in healthcare is a priority for the RBRC. The time, insight and reflections of health care professionals helps us create research that improves working conditions and patient outcomes.

    RBRC works with partner organisations to deliver custom research. Our team bring their broad-ranging expertise and industry-leading methodological thinking to every project. 

    The RBRC prioritises working directly with and learning from healthcare consumers.

    Many of our projects are co-designed with consumers and we have pioneered a new type of consumer-researcher collaboration by inviting consumers to sit on PhD supervision panels.

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    We are enthusiastic about building productive partnerships with other research organisations, including those working in different disciplines and internationally.

    We are flexible in our collaborative models and able to work on a project basis or as a partner over the long term.

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    The Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre supports students in their research ambitions through a program of structured and funded opportunities. If you are looking to extend your career into healthcare research through a higher degree pathway, please contact us using the form below.

    We encourage interested nurses and midwives to pursue careers in research and can help you find viable pathways into the field.

    The OWL Project – Clinical Research Future Leaders Program is a six-month course that supports nurses and midwives to learn research skills while remaining in the clinical environment and tackling issues they observe by using evidence-based methodologies.

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