Advancing nursing and midwifery research and practice

The Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre (RBRC) brings together a diverse group of researchers and partners to create innovative solutions to some of our most complex health system problems. 

Using a unique nursing and midwifery-led approach, the RBRC harnesses the power and knowledge of the world’s largest healthcare workforce. 

The RBRC has a broad-reaching project portfolio and is committed to research that leads to positive change for everyone engaging with health systems – from healthcare professionals of all disciplines to patients and administrators.

The RBRC has expertise in workforce research, health systems research, evidence synthesis, implementation science, health service evaluation, and policy.


A powerful and sustainable nursing and midwifery workforce.


To lead high impact nursing and midwifery research and apply evidence into practice across the healthcare system for the benefit of communities and society.


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The Centre will build and promote the qualities that reflect the societal benefits of nursing and midwifery, and the difference that nurses and midwives can make to the community’s health and welfare.

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The Centre will develop and sustain entrepreneurial, cross-disciplinary relationships to bring the health sector and other sectors together. This will support the translation of research into nursing and midwifery practice and help us navigate a better future for the community.

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The Centre will establish a global network of research partners that fosters creativity, innovation and excellence in order to address some of healthcare’s greatest challenges locally, nationally and internationally.

Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027

The Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre provides a focal point for industry, government, and nongovernment organisations to collaborate in translational research. After an impactful five years, and with the long term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic yet to be fully understood, the Centre has ambitious plans to further empower and strengthen the nursing and midwifery workforces through its program of research. I am excited to see what the Centre achieves in the next five years; I am pleased to present our Strategic Plan 2023-2027.

Dr Rosemary Bryant AO
Chair, Steering Committee

“As younger nurses, we felt we were working under tremendous strain. The pace was quick, patients were sick and deteriorated in an instant, and yet the care provided we felt was person-centred. “Sleep faster; we need the pillow” was the term bandied around. Fast forward to now, and the pace, demand, and person-centred care remains some of the key challenges health care faces. The Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre is cognisant of contemporary demands, and is genuine in tackling these challenges, working with industry and the system to understand the complexities, consider how data is optimised, and how we can design and implement solutions.”

Professor Marion Eckert

Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre

Professor Marion Eckert
Professor Marion Eckert

Professor Marion Eckert

Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre