The Centre for Markets, Values and Inclusion undertakes research in environmental finance; inclusive institutions; natural resource governance and policy; public policy; and sustainability accounting. Our team is comprised of UniSA researchers, adjunct staff, postgraduate students and professional staff.

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Professor Carol Tilt
Executive Director
Dr Debbie Faulkner
Executive Director

Leadership team

Bethany Cooper
Senior Research Fellow, UniSA Business
WL3-51, City West Campus
Joanne Tingey-Holyoak
Program Director: Bachelor of Commerce and MPA, UniSA Business
WL4-49, City West Campus
Kartick Gupta
Associate Professor, UniSA Business
WL3-45, City West Campus
Ron McIver
Lecturer, UniSA Business
WL3-29, City West Campus
Wei Qian
Senior Lecturer, UniSA Business
WL4-59, City West Campus
Akshay Vij
Senior Research Fellow, UniSA Business
140 ArthurSt NSW

Research streams