The work our team undertakes makes a difference to people’s lives. Our researchers co-create evidence to underpin transformations in policy and practice in the pursuit of a more inclusive and sustainable future for all communities, local, national and global. 

CMVI has a broad stakeholder base both externally and internally to the Centre and University. Externally our researchers engage with the community and industry partners (and funders), across all sectors (public, private, regulators and third sector), to conduct and co-design projects that draw on multiple disciplines incorporating values, such as diversity, transparency, justice, equity, fairness and inclusion, that lead to impactful and sustainable outcomes.

We also work with the academic community (collaborators, potential HDRs, academic peers and publishers) to broaden and promote our expertise and to develop collaborative networks and increase the Centre’s standing both nationally and internationally.

By leveraging existing skills and relationships with our partners we are able to develop , and build our research centre capacity to develop a range of working groups with key expertise for the social issues we as a community and society face. The translation of our work for impact is evident from our projects.

To find out more about our research impact stories, watch the video links below. 

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