Team: Assoc Prof Tony Cavoli, Asst Prof Sasidaran Gopalan (external), Dr Ketan Reddy (external) Dandan Lin (soon to be conferred).  Farhana Abedin (PhD Student)

Partner: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)


There exists an significant unmet demand for trade finance, a trade finance gap, in the global economy.  Firms, particularly SMEs, are not able to access adequately finance international transactions at a reasonable cost. 


To find ways to effectively measure the trade finance gap globally, to identify the main drivers of trade finance constraints, and to analyse the effects of trade finance activity on key economic and development outcomes.


Examining different global indicators of trade finance activity (trade credit, cross border banking flows, correspondence banking), and to evaluate what factors might improve or undermine trade finance markets (bank factors, firm factors, policies, institutions).  Assess the impact of trade finance on outcomes such as trade flows, SME economic activity, income inequality.