Research Team: Dr Helen Barrie, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Dr Kelly McDougall (CMVI), Prof Ning Gu (UniSA Creative), Prof Veronica Soebarto, Dr David Kroll (The University of Adelaide) and PhD Students Katie Miller (CMVI), Adii Shytkov (UniSA Creative), Juliana Croffi Calixto (The University of Adelaide)

Partners: Australian Institute of Architects, Uniting Communities

U City Building.jpgIssue

Understanding the impact of architecture and design on wellbeing and placemaking.


Based on an Adelaide case study, U City, and using a Social Values Framework this project investigates the social benefit of building mixed-use vertical communities in the Australian urban context.


The project utilises citizen science for real time auditing of the built environment by residents and users; smart technologies for environmental and behavioural monitoring; and data analytics and design automation for spatial analysis of building use.