entX develops and deploys innovative green-energy technologies that use waste or unconventional resources to generate value. They wanted to create a battery that could power devices, like satellites, for decades. Knowing they could combine radioisotopes with modern semiconductor technology to produce it, entX needed to create a system architecture that would be efficient, scalable and durable in the presence of radiation.

To create this battery, known as a betavoltaic device, they needed to produce a multilayered metal semiconductor. If successful, this structure would convert radioactive particle energy into electric power. While entX possessed intellectual property on a suitable betavoltaic system, they needed help to develop the material combination and the methods to deposit these into an effective, active system.

extx-phosenergy-genx-semiconductor.pngentX connected with UniSA’s research experts in thin film coatings and conductive polymers, gaining access to the university’s research facilities at the Future Industries Institute. Together, entX and UniSA produced and evaluated numerous semiconductor polymer composite candidates, resulting in a proof-of-concept multilayer structure, named GenX. The teams also developed a scalable manufacturing process. Collaboration with the Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia continued beyond Innovation Connections support and in March 2022, they secured $2.4M in funding from an Australian Government Cooperative Research Project Grant to advance commercialisation towards prototype devices for the space and defence industries.

"The early concept funding allowed us to rapidly engage with EntX – working to industry timelines – and kick start the lab-based research. Such a fast ramp up in activity gave us the momentum to turn the early ideas and discussions into proof-of-concept experiments that underpinned EntX's further investment into R&D.  Today, we are engaged in a strategic partnership with EntX – underpinned by a large research program – to enable commercial success in a range of clean energy technologies."
— Prof Drew Evans, Future Industries Institute, UniSA

extx-scott-edwards-quote.png"entX had identified a novel, long term power generation technology concept based on betavoltaics that had application in both the space and defence industries. entX has recognised that the burgeoning space industry and increasingly sophisticated remote defence sites where power-hungry technology is located are creating enormous demand for long-life, and autonomous long-term power sources. Early concept funding allowed entX to quickly engage with FII to validate and consolidate the betavoltaic concept. Furthermore, the work conducted by both entX and FII personnel justified further investment in the technology, leading to our successful bid for CRCP funding."
— Bryn Jones, Managing Director, entX

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