You will need to submit an application to an established research project. Our research projects have been set up by expert research teams, with a nominated Principal Supervisor and, in some cases, financial support like a scholarship to streamline the application process to UniSA.

You can browse research projects by the field of research, your need for financial support (like a scholarship), or keywords related to your interests. 

Browse research projects

When you apply to a research project you will need to address specific selection criteria. Alongside your other qualifications and experience, your responses to the selection criteria will be used to assess your suitability for the role.

If you wish to develop your own project please review our guidelines about this, and contact the Graduate Research Admissions team if you have any questions.  Note that UniSA only offers research degrees in the fields of research provided in the left hand menu on our Research Project listing page.

Find out more about our world-class research through our Research Institutes, Centres, Alliances and Concentrations

If you're applying for a Visual Arts by Major Studio Project, please note there are specific portfolio requirements for your research degree application. Read the requirements.

 Step 3: Organise referee reports