The adoption of scientific principles has been one of the most significant advances in marketing in the last decade. UniSA is leading the way in evidence-based research through the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, which focuses on helping brands and organisations understand the fundamental principles behind marketing.  

The Enterprise Hub can facilitate access to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s groundbreaking corporate research and development program or range of specialist research services. With tools and tactics underpinned by robust evidence and many leading international brands as collaborators, you can be sure that your marketing strategy will benefit.  

We can deliver insights that make your marketing dollars work harder and help you strengthen your brand.  

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Learn to make smart marketing decisions


Unique insight

Into your brand and market


Smart decision making

Practical recommendations from marketing scientists


Improved ROI

Target your marketing spend to where it’s most effective

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Key Contacts

Byron Sharp
Professor of Marketing Science, UniSA Business
Y4-15, City West Campus
Jenni Romaniuk
Research Professor, UniSA Business
Y4-34, City West Campus

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