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2020 Adelaide//International

Friday 28 February — Friday 12 June 2020


Taking as a starting point the concept of architecture as a choreographer of experience, the 2020 Adelaide//International will look to the ways in which built forms can make us aware of the social, spatial and temporal present.

The centrepiece is Somewhere Other, Australia’s contribution to the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale by John Wardle Architects in collaboration with Natasha Johns-Messenger. This intriguing timber structure (spotted gum, with its colour, grain and scent redolent of the bush), draws the viewer in to explore its mysterious passageways only to open up to unexpected vistas.

Belgian artist David Claerbout’s monumental real-time moving-image work Olympia charts the disintegration into ruins of the Berlin Olympic Stadium over the course of one thousand years while First Nations artist Brad Darkson’s sound and sculptural work is a critique of antagonistic systems and architectures. Startling and graceful juxtapositions of architecture with the human form by Zoë Croggon, Helen Grogan and Georgia Saxelby also feature.

At the adjacent SASA Gallery, Matthew Bird, working with students from the University of South Australia, responds to the Adelaide//International with a speculation on the afterlife of architecture.


2020 Adelaide//International is a Samstag Museum of Art exhibition in partnership with the Hackett Foundation for the Adelaide Festival.