Professor Markus Stumptner
Director of UniSA Industrial AI research centre (formerly the Advanced Computing Research Centre) and also Program Lead for Digital Technologies and Interoperability in the Future Energy Exports CRC.

Deputy Directors

John Boland
Professor of Environmental Mathematics, UniSA STEM
OC1-33, Mawson Lakes Campus

Leadership Group

Regina Burachik
Professor of Mathematics, UniSA STEM
OC1-32, Mawson Lakes Campus
C Yalçın Kaya
Associate Professor of Mathematics, UniSA STEM
OC1-30, Mawson Lakes Campus
Belinda Chiera
Senior Lecturer, UniSA STEM
Y3-63, City West Campus


Wolfgang Mayer
Senior Lecturer, UniSA STEM
D3-28, Mawson Lakes Campus
Georg Grossmann
Senior Lecturer, UniSA STEM
D3-21, Mawson Lakes Campus
Jan Stanek
Program Director, UniSA STEM
D3-27, Mawson Lakes Campus
Romeo Marian
Senior Lecturer, UniSA STEM
P2-20, Mawson Lakes Campus
Yee Wei Law
Program Director, UniSA STEM
P2-11, Mawson Lakes Campus
Peter Pudney
Associate Research Professor, UniSA STEM
OC1-78, Mawson Lakes Campus