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    Opportunities for government, corporate or community groups

    IIMPACT works with a range of partners across the innovation to implementation cycle. If you have a problem relevant to our four grand challenges, chances are that we can help you solve it, or you can help us solve something else, or both!

    IIMPACT can partner with you on:

    • Understanding the problem and discovering solutions
    • Testing solutions in clinical trials
    • Implementing effective solutions and identifying new problems.

    Contact us to talk about your current challenge.

    Sponsor Pain Revolution or other community outreach events

    IIMPACT has a range of sponsorship opportunities for Pain Revolution. Please contact Pain Revolution General Manager Abbie Norrish – abbie.norrish@painrevolution.org

    Donate to IIMPACT

    The easiest way to do this is to follow this link to give to UniSA – you will have the opportunity to indicate that you want your donation to go to IIMPACT. If you would like to support work on a particular Grand Challenge, or even a particular project or researcher, you can indicate that when you fill out the form.

    Find out more

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    Opportunities for health professionals

    IIMPACT values our partnership with SA Health through the Allied and Scientific Health Office. Within this collaboration we offer general research training along the continuum from quality improvement projects through to full scale implementation trials. Our training modules incorporate best practice theory as well as practical workshops to develop robust research and implementation plans. We offer tailored support via our research helpdesk (for short queries) and mentoring (for longer term research support and development).

    Research Helpdesk

    Do you have a question about engaging with literature, formulating a study question, selecting methodology, how to get your paper published or how to put someone else’s paper into practice?

    Email: Allied.researchhelp@unisa.edu.au.

    Mentoring Opportunities

    Need more support to get your research project off the ground or back on track? Get support here.

    Training Workshops & Courses

    Stay up to date via the ASHO website.

    Get involved in research

    The best way to start this process is to have a chat with a lead researcher in IIMPACT about what opportunities there may be at the moment. Find a research leader via the Our People page.

    Increase knowledge and skills

    IIMPACT researchers are involved with several short course and Professional Certificate programs.

    You can also access free professional resources at Pain Revolution

    Participate in research

    There are usually several IIMPACT research projects that are looking for volunteers. We would love you to complete the form linked below, which will tell us a little about you, and we will put you on the list.

    Complete a volunteer participant survey

    Research degrees

    Undertaking a Master of Research or a PhD will change your life as well as your world! There are a few things you want to get right when it comes to taking on such a challenging and rewarding step. 

    1. Have a good look around at the projects currently going on in IIMPACT. Take special care to see if any of them are actually looking for students or post-docs. If they are, jump on it and get in touch immediately.
    2. Have a good look around for a potential supervisor. This is an important relationship so spend some time getting a good idea of who does what.
    3. Contact by email the potential supervisors who look to you like they might be a good fit. Copy in Prof Susan Hillier (susan.hillier@unisa.edu.au)  who can give you an idea of whether or not you would satisfy the requirements for admission to a research degree. Explain your situation and your reasons for wanting to pursue the degree. Attach your CV.
    4. If everything is progressing well, get in touch with one of the research candidates already in that research group and ask them everything you would like to know about the supervisor, the group, the vibe, the great things and the difficult things.
    5. If it all looks good, then jump on board to one of the most exciting and significant journeys you’ll ever take.
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    Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer

    UniSA Video

    There have been some amazing pain discoveries over the last 20 years and they've opened up new opportunities for people in pain. This talk will explain that when pain persists, your body learns pain and becomes over protected, but you can use proven strategies to slowly retrain your pain system to be less protective. To begin, you need to rethink what pain actually is, what factors contribute to your pain and how you can tailor make your own retraining programme.

    Pain. Is it all just in your mind?

    UniSA Video

    Pain has been part of the human experience longer than magnetic bracelets, ergonomic chairs, whiplash and repetitive strain injury. Yet it is just in the last few decades that we have realised how terrifically complex pain really is and how wrong many of our assumptions about pain really are.

    UniSA: Breathlessness Intervention Services Research

    UniSA Video

    Breathlessness Intervention Services help reduce the impact of this distressing symptom on daily life. Researchers at the University of South Australia are working on making breathlessness intervention services available in communities for all South Australians.

    Join the revolution

    UniSA Video

    Pain Revolution brings together researchers, clinicians, people with lived experience and peak bodies. We are working together towards a vision that all Australians have the knowledge, skills and support to prevents and overcome persistent pain.

    Video by Good Shorts

    Pain revolution - Our Impact 2018-2019

    UniSA Video

    Pain Revolution were very busy over the 2018-2019 period and wanted to share a bit about what they have done.

    Tame The Beast — It's time to rethink persistent pain

    UniSA Video

    Pain scientists starting to think differently about persistent (chronic) pain and its causes, are they're making exciting discoveries - like how you think about your pain can change the way it feels. Here Professor Lorimer Moseley explains how pain works and explains new approaches to help reduce your pain.

    Books & Information sheets.

    Books by IIMPACT researchers on persistent pain. https://www.noigroup.com/shop/

    Pain revolution fact sheets

    Pain Revolution is a multidisciplinary, cross-sector grassroots movement to bring understanding and skills to prevent and manage persistent pain in rural Australia. https://www.painrevolution.org/


    www.ifarmwell.com.au is an online, self-help program, designed based upon what farmers want and what research has shown will help improve farmers’ wellbeing and ability to cope with things beyond their control (e.g. drought)

    Hear how www.ifarmwell.com.au made Kym's life easier to live in this video.

    Rural Cancer Stories

    Rural Cancer Stories is a YouTube channel featuring rural cancer survivors and their carers sharing stories and evidence-based strategies to maximise quality of life and reduce cancer reoccurrence risk.

    Training Resources for IIMPACT in Health members

    CREW (Communicating to the REal World), a knowledge and skills development program which provides training to staff and HDR students on research communication skills and the use of novel dissemination strategies. This includes one-on-one mentoring in framing research findings for the communication medium (tv, radio, vs print). For further information regarding this program please contact Associate Professor Tasha Stanton.