The Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation (CPI) was established in recognition of UniSA’s teaching and research capabilities in pharmaceutical science. Formed in 2022, CPI brings together experienced and passionate researchers from numerous research groups, uniting their expertise in a diverse, complimentary, and highly focused team.

CPI’s combined expertise comprises five specialist research groups. These include Applied Chemistry and Translational Biomaterials, Bioinorganic Synthesis and Imaging, Nanostructure and Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development, and Pharmacotherapeutics.  

Our notable successes include:

  • An established network of industry partners.
  • A demonstratable track record of delivering better medicines.
  • A growing portfolio of novel technologies advancing to commercialisation and clinical translation.
  • Over 80 higher degree by research (HDR) and ex-post doctorate fellows in industry-based leadership positions.
  • More than 300 publications in 2021.
  • Over $5M worth of experimental infrastructure facilitating HDR training and industry engagement.