With a focus on developing innovative educational strategies and practices rooted in Islamic thought, CITE engages in interdisciplinary research to enhance teaching pedagogies, curriculum development, and educational policy within Islamic contexts. Emphasising a balance between Islamic values and the demands of modern education systems, the Centre's work is pivotal in shaping the future of Islamic schooling globally. By fostering a collaborative research environment, CITE aims to empower educators, inform stakeholders, and contribute significantly to the enrichment of Islamic educational practices.

Our research publications demonstrate the cutting-edge scholarship driving forward the boundaries of knowledge in the field of Islamic thought and education. Click HERE for a list of our publications.

  • HDR

Our Higher Research Degree (HDR) program is distinguished by its rigorous scholarship, producing groundbreaking research that contributes significantly to academic and industry advancements. Click HERE for a list of our past and present HDR scholars.

Our research projects showcase a vibrant spectrum of inquiry, pushing the envelope of innovation and contributing to renewal of Islamic schools. 'COMING SOON' for a list of our past and present research projects.